Thursday, 13 February 2014

Another Quiet Day

The ice storm did incredible damage. As my mum and I were trying to sleep, all we heard was the snap, crackle, pop of the trees snapping and then falling down. It is no surprise that by midnight we had no power. By the morning we were both frozen, and ended up looking a bit dirt-sack, as we tried to get ready in the dark and with no water (it wasn't until later that we found out the hydro runs off gas and so we still had hot water, just no electricity). 

When my mum and I arrived at the airport this morning, we discovered that her flight had been cancelled. The earliest flight they could get her on was Sunday afternoon, and so she changed airlines and is able to fly out tomorrow morning (hopefully). There is still a chance that tomorrow's flight could be cancelled, so they have not yet cancelled the Sunday flight that she's on.

We went straight to the barn from the airport, but unfortunately the footing was still too icy to ride. Elf and I are both going a bit crazy with the lack of exercise, but I was happy to spend the time grooming her and stretching her out. From the barn my mum and I went to see if anywhere was open for lunch. Everywhere was still shut down from the ice storm. Trees have fallen down everywhere and are covering the roads, and the power is still out in many places. The trees just couldn't hold the weight of the ice, and so much of the foliage is now ruined. 

Here are some pictures of Elf and some of the damage from Ice Storm Pax.

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