Monday, 17 February 2014


Sunday 16th

Sunday morning I went with the girls to Paradise HT to watch them complete their stadium. Both the horses jumped really well, but each had a rail putting them out of the ribbons. Once they were done, I headed to the barn to ride Elf. It was the first time that I jumped her since she's been here, and she was amazing. After working on skinny jumps with Reg just a few weeks ago, Elf approached the skinny confidently. We also jumped a line, a gate, and an oxer. It was a really good and positive first jump. We were all pretty tired and so we decided to go out for dinner at Oh Charley's before returning home and getting an early night. 

Monday 17th

There was no need to get up super early this morning, so I made it to the barn by 10:30. After a nice flat ride on Elf, the girls and I went to a tack shop called Oak Manor (there are a ton of tack shops here that are all only a couple of kilometres apart). The only thing I got was some "No-Chew" spray for miss Elf, who has decided that she is really bored in individual turn-out and that chewing the fence is a good way to entertain herself. They are going to try and put a horse named Robin out with her tomorrow, and I'm sure she will enjoy having a friend. The last couple of days have been super warm, and this week we are supposed to see temperatures in the mid-high twenties. I'm super excited because I will be going xc schooling tomorrow at one of the show grounds called Full-Gallop. I will be sure to update you all on how it goes! 

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