Monday, 10 February 2014

The Trip Down

Monday February 10th:

My mum and I were up at 4am. I was so excited that I barely got any sleep, and when the alarm went off in the morning I was wide awake. After my Dad kindly helped me load up the car, and we had our regular morning tea, my mum and I were on the road by 5:30. After about an hour on the road, we ran into really bad weather in the Niagara region. After taking the snow tires off only a couple of days before, we slid our way to the border. This bad weather continued on until Pittsburgh, and added at least another hour to our journey. The rest of the trip seemed to speed along, and we were making really good time (even making up some of the delay we had with the weather)… Then we hit North Carolina and were stuck in traffic, which added at least another hour and a half to our journey. I drove the entire way down, and my mum was an awesome passenger keeping me awake, entertaining me, and making sure I had my coffee and snacks. 

By the time we got to Aiken it was 9:30pm. I was disappointed because it was so dark that I couldn't see the town that I would be living in for the next three months. However, I did get to see the place I am staying (Annie's Inn), which is super cute and I'm so happy that my mum arranged for such an awesome place for me to stay. By the time we had dropped off my stuff we were starving because we hadn't had a proper meal all day. Being a small town in the middle of nowhere, there was barely anything open. Finally we found the main little town and were just in time to grab a quick slice of pizza. By the time we got home and showered it was 11:30… Needless to say that we passed out pretty quickly. 

I took these pictures when I arrived, so it was dark and rainy. Nevertheless, here is the grand tour: 

This is a two-level cottage- My cottage is number 9, the one on the bottom

The view of number 9 from the front

The cottages and the actual Inn are set up in a square- This is the centre and view from my room

The same view from a different angle

My cute little porch 

The living room 

The living room from a different angle

The kitchen
The bathroom

The bedroom

The bedroom and closet

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