Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Some Not-So-Good News

The reason for the lack of posts lately is because Elf has an injury. Last week I noticed some heat in her leg and it developed into a splint. We were icing it and poulticing it to try and get the heat out but it wasn't getting any better. The vet came out to see it, and after some x-rays it was discovered that she has a very small stress fracture. I wasn't there when the vet came out, and so I am going to see him tomorrow to discuss the results of the x-ray. As of right now he thinks that she has had the fracture for about 5 weeks, as the x-ray shows that it has already been healing. The vet thinks she must have irritated the fracture during xc schooling, and he has suggested a month off. Like I said, I will be talking to him again tomorrow, as well as our vet from back home to get the full results and an action plan. I will keep everyone updated on her progress!

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