Friday, 14 February 2014

Finally got to Ride!

Mum's flight was cancelled again. After a 4am start, we arrived at the airport to find out that the flight was moved to tomorrow morning. Guess we will see if third time's a charm tomorrow. We went back to Annie's and rested until 8:30 when we headed for the barn. Unfortunately the footing was still icy/snowy so we decided to do some errands until the snow had melted in the afternoon. It was finally warm! The temperature got up to 14 today and it felt amazing (sorry to rub it in). It is supposed to continue to get warmer throughout the next week, so I am happy that my riding schedule is back on track. When we went back to the barn, Elf was outside for turnout. I think she is missing her turnout group from back home, as she gets individual turnout here. When I walked up to her paddock she came right over to me and started nickering. I tacked her up really quick and hopped on. She was very well behaved considering the lack of work, and she was just a bit stiff to start. She soon worked out of it, and she seemed really happy to be back at work.

The Farm From the Gate

Farm on the left and dressage ring/jumping ring on the right

This is Bandit, he jumped on the tractor because he was scared of a stray Husky that came to visit us at the farm 

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